July 15, 2023

45R Hong Kong: Celebrating 15 Years

Celebrate 45R Hong Kong's 15th Anniversary with Us!

We are grateful to reach this milestone and express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support. To commemorate our 15th anniversary, we are thrilled to present the exclusive Futatabi Collection, available only at our Hong Kong boutique from July 15th. This collection is a true testament to our gratitude and represents a special offering for our customers.

 Embracing the theme of "Indigo Bandana Patchwork," Futatabi showcases the rich history of 45R through meticulously crafted pieces. Experience the vibrant energy of summer with blouses, dresses, and cut-and-sew garments created by skillfully joining together bandanas. Featuring a captivating range of nine indigo shades, this collection exudes the lively gradations of indigo.

 Join us at our Hong Kong boutique to explore this exceptional collection firsthand!