February 10, 2024

Real Vintage Denim: Limited Edition

Embrace the essence of heritage and craftsmanship with our exclusive Real Vintage Denim collection, set to captivate denim enthusiasts from February 12th to 18th. This limited-time offering promises a blend of history and authenticity, each piece bearing a unique serial number for true aficionados.

Limited Edition Highlights:

・ Available from February 12th to 18th only.
・ Each item features a distinct serial number, ensuring authenticity.
・ Includes a complementary special tote bag.
・ Scheduled dispatch on February 23rd (Fri).
・ Orders shipped on February 23rd (Fri), irrespective of other items.

  • Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: 24 Special Real Vintage Denim Pieces Available from February 12th to 18th.

  • Appare 32 inches

  • Kiwami 34 inches

  • Kiwami 30 inches

  • Kiwami 32 inches