45R Product

    • To ensure that you receive the best possible fit, please take a moment to review the size chart provided on the product details page prior to making your purchase. Additionally, our sizing guide below indicates the key measurement points on each item.

    • Our indigo-dyed clothing has a distinct and authentic beauty that comes from the natural fading process of the indigo dye. Each piece possesses its own unique character, making it one-of-a-kind. We encourage you to embrace the natural fading process, as it adds to the individuality and charm of each garment, creating a look that truly expresses your personal style.

      To fully enjoy our indigo products, please follow the care instructions shown below.

    • 45R places a high priority on exceptional craftsmanship and traditional techniques to create unique items. We believe in the power of Japanese craftsmanship, which has been handed down through generations, and the majority of our items are produced in Japan. Additionally, we work with trusted partners outside of Japan to create hand-woven fabrics like Khadi in India and hand-knitted pieces in China, where skilled artisans bring their expertise to our products. Regardless of the location of our skilled experts, we always strive for the utmost in quality and craftsmanship. For more details about our clothmaking, please visit our corporate website here.