Feb 22, 2024

On March 2nd, we proudly present "Crosby5"

Introducing a new rendition of denim, crafted with our heartfelt dedication, bearing the name "Crosby5". Inspired by the nostalgic essence of New York's Crosby Street, resonating with the heritage of Ivy style at the core of 45R.

Elegant and refined, our straight-cut denim showcases classic craftsmanship and sleek design.

Beginning March 2nd (Saturday), "Crosby5" will be available nationwide at all 45R stores and online at 45Rglobal.com.

Ahead of the release, we invite you to experience the BLUE OCEAN MOVIE, a visual journey into the craftsmanship surrounding "Crosby5", featuring curated ensembles by designer Yasumi Inoue.

The Birth Story of Crosby5

The BLUE OCEAN MOVIE will be gradually unveiled starting today, February 22nd, on YouTube and Instagram. Stay tuned for an immersive experience!

Please note that the release date and available colors/sizes may vary by location. For more details, kindly reach out to your nearest store directly.