Our newly unveiled webpage invites connoisseurs of craftsmanship to explore the profound stories woven into our denim. From the art of manufacturing to the detailed aging process of our jeans, every element is meticulously documented.

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In the early summer of 2024, the second chapter of 45R denim begins. Returning to our origins, we carefully reconsider materials, dyeing techniques, and forms, embarking on the journey of recreating denim from scratch. Whether you're new to our brand or a seasoned enthusiast, we invite you to indulge in this reimagined denim experience.

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Crafting artisanal clothing in Japan since 1977.

People are the only one who wear clothes on this earth. That’s why we hope to share with you the joy of making and wearing durable and comfortable that are new and familiar.

Our monozukuri (clothesmaking) is a journey in search of new possibilities for Ai indigo, beginning with exploration of materials and fabrics. We strive to enrich our customers’ daily living with “feel-good” clothes.

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