January 26, 2024

Introducing the February Collection

The February Collection is titled "Old Crossby," a nostalgic homage to the classic Ivy League look, reinvented with the unique flair of 45R. This collection brings to life the essence of the bygone Ivy League style with an array of carefully crafted pieces.

Featuring a denim blazer that redefines casual sophistication, the collection also includes an indigo regimental piece and a lace-knitted Childean sweater. These pieces are adorned with familiar characters in the form of patches, adding a playful twist to the traditional Ivy League attire.

Embracing the early hints of spring, this collection is a celebration of timeless style with a playful edge. We invite you to visit our store and experience the charm of "Old Crossby."

You can explore the February styles and the full essence of this collection on our Collection page, now live for your viewing pleasure. This unique blend of classic and whimsical elements is sure to offer something for every discerning taste.