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T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and Super Gauze have been “cherished things” for 45R throughout our history. Minor changes add up to major differences over the lifetime of a beloved garment, and we are constantly exploring new materials, shapes, and designs based on our monozukuri (manufacturing) philosophy: “Enrich people’s daily living by offering ‘feel-good’ clothes.” We want these to be among your favorite pieces, too—clothes to wear, wash, and wear again with love!

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Essential styles of 45R T-shirts

Character, texture, and a lively sense of irregularity—we make our T-shirts from fabric that practically laughs with delight. No matter how many times you wash them and dry them in the sun, they’ll come back in as crisp as fresh-picked fruit. Our T-shirts are designed to be worn with love for well over a decade, gradually becoming a one-of-a-kind item perfectly suited to your form. Even when their colors fade and their edges start to fray, they’ll never let you down. Take a look and find a style you love!

Essential styles of 45R Shirts

Our standard shirts may look similar at a glance, but the longer you wear them, the more you appreciate the slight differences in texture and tailoring. Little details with a big impact: That’s the secret of our standards.
Our shirts combine respect for roots with fresh new ideas. Shirts like the sea breeze, shirts with a fresh take on the Ivy look, even shirts that make you want to lie down for a nap—whatever the occasion, whatever your mood, we have the perfect shirt for you.

Essential styles of 45R Super Gauze

In September 2000, we opened our first New York store. The “super gauze” T-shirts that created local buzz back then were the origins of our Super Gauze line today. After many years of deeper and deeper design , we arrived at Supima Organic Cotton Super Gauze: a cotton cashmere that’s breathable for coolness, encloses air for warmth, and has a smooth, refined luster. It’s easy to knit into seamless whole garments, and has a syrupy , luxurious texture that makes it ideal for garments worn against the skin. In short, Super Gauze is a fabric we’re proud of. What kind of Super Gauze garments would you like to see today?

Essential styles of 45R Jeans

Dressy clothes, everyday outfits, workwear—the world of fashion can be fenced off into countless subcategories, but some pieces hop those fences with ease. Jeans are one example. For 45R, jeans are like a staple food to enjoy every day. We see jeans as the foundation of style, flattering to young and old, male and female, in any setting, at any time. We also draw on Japan’s long history of indigo dyeing to offer jeans in a range of Indigo hues that only 45R can create.

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We want you to have fun choosing the color that best suits your mood and the weather every day, so we have a wide variety of colors to choose from!
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