Logo Printed Tee Classics

The 45rpm logo print T-shirt, featuring the iconic logo proudly displayed on the chest, is one of the cherished creations that has remained unchanged for decades. The mischievous logo, crafted using various techniques, has also played a pivotal role in making 45R known to the world.

When it comes to printing T-shirts, there are numerous techniques available, but our favorite is the "soaked-in print" method. The underlying concept is to preserve the texture of the meticulously tailored T-shirt, so it is essential not to overdo the printing. Just like vintage sweatshirts, the ink seeps into the uneven fabric, gradually developing a beautiful worn-out look over time. That's the kind of printed T-shirt we strive to create.

  • Soaked-in printing

Another reason we’re drawn to vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts is the natural distortion and warmth found in their logos. Taking inspiration from our favorite logos in vintage, we embark on the process of creating our own while staying true to our brand identity. We experiment and fine-tune the original font, contemplating whether the edges of the letters should be slightly rounded or if a slight distortion in the lines would add character. Once the letters are formed, we carefully arrange them on the T-shirt, placing them side by side, and crossing our arms as we scrutinize their placement. Finally, the design is complete. It undoubtedly requires time and effort, but the process of envisioning a new logo is a highly enjoyable task.

  • Tricolor Logo and Fujilogo newly created in Summer 2023

Once the logo design is finalized, we move on to the printing phase in the factory. The completed logos and T-shirts are taken to a long-established print factory located in Tokyo. This family-run factory has been collaborating with 45R for over 40 years, with the ink-stained denim-clad president and his sister diligently printing T-shirts every day.

The workshop is adorned with printing tables, each marked with a scale. As the work begins, freshly laundered T-shirts are carefully placed on the tables, meticulously aligned and dusted off with a hand broom to ensure everything is in order. Wooden frames containing the printing screens are placed on top of the T-shirts, and with a swift and rhythmic motion, multiple layers of ink are smoothly applied using a spatula. Once the printing is complete, the drying process commences. A powerful heater blows warm air to ensure thorough drying. Despite the scorching heat during the summer months, this step is crucial to prevent any dye transfer and is therefore indispensable.

Behind the Scenes of Logo Print T-Shirt Production

  • Indigo Bassen Printing

Indigo discharge dyeing is an even more challenging task. As a colorless and transparent discharge agent is applied to indigo-dyed T-shirts, achieving consistent results becomes almost impossible. The degree of pressure exerted during printing greatly influences how the colors fade, resulting in variations such as strong bleaching that turns white or a gentle fade that retains a hint of blue. Yet, these subtle variations are part of the charm of handmade craftsmanship.

  • Traditional wooden frame that has been utilized at 45R

The president's insistence is reflected in the neatly arranged wooden frames on the shelves. While aluminum screens have become the norm in the industry, he continues to use wooden frames because they feel more comfortable in his hands.

With the aim of enabling people to enjoy these meticulously crafted T-shirts even more, we have prepared a collection of logo print T-shirts in 45 colors. Through the simple yet mischievous combination of lines and circles in the logo and the color schemes that evoke the ocean and mountains, we hope you can experience the essence of current 45R.