June 16, 2023

T-Shirt Tidings: Unveiling our 45 Colors Collection

Introducing our 45rpm logo T-shirt, featuring the iconic print on the chest. At 45R, it is a cherished item that has remained unchanged for decades. In order to provide more enjoyment with our logo T-shirts, we have expanded our collection to include 45 different colors across four variations. Additionally, our M Polo and Big Slit T-shirts are also available in 45 vibrant shades. These T-shirts are made from the incredibly comfortable Zimbabwe cotton, ensuring the utmost quality.

We invite you to explore and discover your favorite T-shirt from our collection.

  • 45 Colors Big Slit T-shirt

  • 45 Colors Tenjiku M-Polo

  • Journal: The Story of Creating Logo Print T-Shirts

Logo T-Shirt Styling: Women's Edition

Logo T-Shirt Styling: Men's Edition

Behind the Scenes of Logo Print T-Shirt Production