In the early summer of 2024, a new chapter unfolds in the denim narrative of 45R. Returning to our roots, we meticulously reconsidered materials, dyes, and silhouettes, embarking on a journey to recreate denim from scratch. On May 9th, we unveil this reinvention to the world. Anticipate with delight.

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Introducing our Spring 2024 Collection! Get ready to embrace the diversity with our shirt collection, designed to bring excitement to the new season. Curated by our 45R staff from around the world, our playful ensembles offer over a hundred different styling options. This spring, let our diverse shirts spark joy and anticipation in your wardrobe.

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Welcome to the world of ONEONE, a special project born exclusively for our online store. At 45R, we believe in the art of preservation and renewal. We have taken the fabrics we have carefully crafted and collected over time, and breathed new life into them. This special collection is a testament to our commitment to Mottainai Craftsmanship, where even the slightest scrap of fabric is never wasted.

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Crafting artisanal clothing in Japan since 1977.

People are the only one who wear clothes on this earth. That’s why we hope to share with you the joy of making and wearing durable and comfortable that are new and familiar.

Our monozukuri (clothesmaking) is a journey in search of new possibilities for Ai indigo, beginning with exploration of materials and fabrics. We strive to enrich our customers’ daily living with “feel-good” clothes.

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